New Raving Rabbids 2 mini-game footage – Nuttier than testicular cancer

Courtesy of Jeux-France, enjoy this new video showing off three of the available mini-games in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2. Bright, colorful, loud and extremely insane, the sequel to the original comedic Wii launch title looks set to be at once both charming and irritating at once. Also, it will perhaps cement the Raving Rabbids series as the cream of the crop of Wii mini-game compilations. 

I overlooked the original but the allure of the Rabbids is proving too strong to resist. It’s amazing how something so hideously ugly can be so adorable, but who can deny the charm of the bucktoothed, bug-eyed little freaks?

[Picked up via Blindside’s blog

James Stephanie Sterling