New Phantom Hourglass gameplay videos show you how to crash Link into a tree



Fronsh gaming site Jeux-France is waving around some new videos featuring more gameplay footage from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, the Nintendo DS game whose empty case has been taunting you from the upcoming releases shelf at your local retailer for the past six months or more. 

Showing off some more boating, puzzle solving and boomeranging, (shut up, it’s a word,) each little nugget is reminiscent of both Wind Waker and traditional 2-D Zelda games like A Link to the Past. You can also check out the videos on the game’s official web site, though that would completely negate my having gone through the trouble of putting them here for you. It would also invole all kinds of clicking on things and waiting, and there’s nothing fun about that. There are two more clips after the jump. Why do you always have to do everything the hard way? Jeez.

[Thanks to Orcist and Blindside for the tip. Now fight to the death for credit! Bwahahaha!]


Stupid Chu Jellies.




See? Boomeranging. Told you.



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