New Ninja Town trailer, burn Wee Devils with the sun!

The citizens of Ninja Town are living out their peaceful lives until Mr. Demon and his Wee Devil army decide to invade. Ol’ Master Ninja along with Wee Ninjas, White Ninjas, Anti-Ninjas, Poo-Ninjas and more must defend the town from wave after wave of Wee Devils. 

You can see some of the Ninja classes in action in the trailer as well as some of the special attacks that Ol’ Master Ninja can perform. One thing that’s in this trailer that wasn’t in the build that I did a hands-on preview of is the magnifying glass attack.  You can target a beam of hot blazing sunlight onto the Wee Devils and burn them to a crisp. That is all kinds of awesome right there.

Also, the Ninja Town line of plushies is adorable. 

Hamza Aziz