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Courtesy of the latest issue of PSM (April 2007), comes some fleshed out info on the upcoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PlayStation 3.

While it’s easy to try to write this game off as a next-gen port of a last-gen game, there’s clearly more here than a new coat of a paint. New chapters; entirely reworked graphics; a new playable character (Rachel) with her own story missions; and more goodies, including boob jiggle physics found in other Tecmo classics (and I’m not talking about Tecmo Bowl).

This is great news for Sony purists who steered clear of the Xbox last-generation — Ninja Gaiden is a beautiful, solid action game, and one of the best of the last-gen (although obnoxiously difficult). The PSM article spans 10 pages, features hot new screenshots and even more tidbits of information.

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[Via PlayStation Underground forums]

  • *Unspecified amount of original content for Sigma
  • *EVERYTHING was redone for Sigma: backgrounds, enemies, characters, animations, textures, etc.
  • *Game will make use of the SIXAXIS in one way by helping to power up Ninpo magic while casting it
  • *Sigma will be 19 Chapters long, 3 more Chapters than the previous 2 versions
  • *A lot of the new stuff is when you are going to be playing as Rachel
  • *Will run at a constant 60 FPS with full self-shadowing and in 720p
  • *3 ways to play – off the disk, off a partial install, or off a full install (for those who plan to play for long periods and don’t want to worry about loads times.  They wanted to give the gamer a choice on the matter)
  • *New difficulty level above the previous ones
  • *Still talking to Sony about what the possibilites are for downloadable content
  • *Karma ranking system/online leaderboards will be intact
  • *Karma ranking/leaderboards will be improved upon by letting you view the results for a player’s run through for specific chapters and how many times they died, etc.

Rachel Specific

  • *Features own integrated story missions and own mission mode levels
  • *Anything but a new skin for Hayabusa
  • *Completely separate arsenal of moves and all new animations
  • *Will have a different ‘feel’ from Hayabusa and will require a different way of thinking to play as compared to her counterpart
  • *Will still absorb essence and such as Hayabusa

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