New Mushroom Men trailer arrives


Okay, that title’s kind of a lie. While Gametrailers has indeed got a new showreel up for Wii and DS action game Mushroom Men, the trailer is actually another showcase for the game’s production art rather than its gameplay. Sad news, yes, but I feel it’s better to tell you now than have you get all disappointed, as I did, when you load the thing up. 

It’s not all bad news though, as if the artwork and tone of this trailer are anything go on, there are some very sick minds indeed working on this game. From the art style to the bouncy rip-off of Marilyn Manson’s The Beautiful People, the whole thing just boosts my earlier impression of Tim Burton directing an Earthworm Jim game while Gerald Scarfe shovels weapons-grade narcotics down his thoat, and that my friends, can not be a bad thing in this all too often derivative gaming climate.

If the actual game design can offer up the same level of twisted wonderment as this, Mushroom Men is definitely going to find itself sitting next to No More Heroes on my “Can’t wait” Wii games list. And if anyone from Red Fly Studio or Gamecock is reading, yes that back-handed compliment was my way of saying “Hurry the hell up and get some gameplay ready for viewing”.

[Thanks to Joe Burling once more]

David Houghton