New Mass Effect 2 trailer expected today, reveals tweet

Mass Effect 2 is one of those sequels that you just know they’re ready to show off. They know we can’t wait for it. They grin when they think of what they know and what we don’t. They’re more than happy to tease.

A little tease came out of BioWare’s Twitter recently:

Just watched tomorrow’s new Mass Effect 2 pre-E3 video. ME2 is definitely looking very cool. – Evil Chris

Well, aren’t you cool?! Kidding. I’d give them sh*t for teasing this via tweet, but that’s kind of what Twitter is made for. It plays, I guess.

I follow, but I guess I must have missed what CVG caught: the word “tomorrow.” That’s today. Which I guess means that we can expect to see a pre-E3 trailer for Mass Efffect 2 within the next 24 hours.  

Bring that sh*t on, Bioware. We’re ready.

We’ll keep an eye out for you, but I’d also advise checking the official teaser page today.

Dale North