New Lumines Live! content coming, benefits a good cause

I like Lumines Live quite a bit, but I wasn’t such a big fan of the nickel and dime add-ons I (reluctantly) ended up buying. I was, however, a big fan of the free “Heavenly Star” DLC that was offered up a few months ago. Here’s the middle ground — DLC that costs money, benefits charity. Which one of you heartless bastards is going to complain?

To celebrate the first ever Genki Rockets live performance at the upcoming Live Earth concert in Japan, Q Entertainment will be releasing the “Tokyo Club Mix Pack” for Lumines Live on Wednesday, June 27th. The pack will cost 350 Microsoft points and gamers will get four new tracks: Genki Rocket’s “Heavenly Star – SOS Remix,” Sugiurumn’s “House66,” Techriders’ “4×4 Bricks,” and Muku’s “Cosmic Humming.”

In the spirit of Live Earth, between June 27th and July 17th, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to non-governmental climate protection organizations. What a climate protection organization is going to do with MS points is beyond me, but I hear Pac-Man Championship Edition is pretty good. 

In addition, a 600 Point “Booster Pack” will 20 additional skins will be available for download that Wednesday as well. Songs like “Bloomy Girls” by Masakatsu Takagi and others I’ve never heard of will be included, all of which will have pretty backgrounds and thumping beats, assuring that I will be driving my wife absolutely crazy playing Lumines Live until the wee hours of the morning.


Nick Chester