New Jericho screenshots are delightfully masochistic

 We here at Destructoid are all a little crazy, what with the bestiality and all. So, it comes as no surprise that a merry band of fetishists like us have been watching Clive Barker’s Jericho the way The Gimp watches Marcellus in the back of that dusty pawnshop. We’ve been furiously touching ourselves accordingly.

This latest batch of Jericho screens has only served to ramp our collective excitement to rabid, frothy, foaming-at-the-mouth levels. The game looks gorgeous and disturbingly sado-maso at the same time. The (relatively uninspired) stone-hewn environments look as good as their demented inhabitants, and I’m particuarly impressed by the light in the stained-glass window in this scene. (Note to self: make a shield out of the corpses of your enemies — it looks cool.)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any new info on this supernatrual, squad-based FPS; however, your friendly, neighborhood Britcepticons will have a vertiable plethora of demonic chicancery and diabolical tomfoolery for us soon, after they go play the damned thing Friday. So, horror fiends, how jealous are you?

[Via VideogamerX, thanks Kayka!]

Joseph Leray