New Jeanne D’ Arc trailer makes me want to conquer stuff

I’ve been frothing at the mouth for this game for a few months now. With releases like this and Crisis Core on the horizon, it looks like the PSP may soon be competing with the DS for the role of champion of the portable role playing throne. Who would’ve thought it?

Level 5 excite me in a way that few developers do — and that is because they are carving a clear line of evolution. I wasn’t a huge Dark Cloud fan, but I definitely enjoyed Dragon Quest VIII, and by the look of Jeanne D’ Arc it seems as if they may be coming even further into their own.

The game boasts 40 hours of gameplay and a rich skill customization system allowing you to pump your characters up with over 150 skills and abilities. I believe they call that mad skills now, but what is it called in medieval France? Qualifications folles?

[Via Exophase (thanks Crunshii)] 

Colette Bennett