New Halo Wars screenshots and information

Recently, Ensemble Studios updated their Halo Wars Web site and introduced us to the UNSC firebase, and the Warthog. The UNSC firebase (the huge thing) is a mobile barracks and vehicle assembly line. It also comes imbued with a special power called “Spirit of Fire” that “can directly deploy the entire assembly unit of a firebase making it immediately useful.”

Also outlined was the Warthog, everyone’s favorite Halo physics shredder. In Halo Wars, the Warthog is a light vehicle, used more for its ability to scout rather than running over teammates in deathmatches. The Warthog will be customizable to boot, as the UNSC firebase can add different turret attachments to make the meager Warthog a bit more battle ready.

Don’t forget to check out the gallery to see these tools of Covenant destruction.

Brad BradNicholson