New Grand Theft Auto IV trailer (Updated)

Rockstar has released a new trailer for its imminent controversy fodder, Grand Theft Auto IV. The new trailer, Looking for the special someone, shows some more details of our European hero’s search for his missing family member in Liberty City. It looks fantastic and pretty damn intriguing, possibly the most story driven GTA yet? Judging by this trailer, it certainly seems like the plot will be an epic one.

Watch, enjoy, and bask in the knowledge that no matter how accomplished it may be, no matter how grand its scale, nor how well crafted its story, all some people will care about is how much shooting there is.

[Update 1: The Internet is destroying this trailer like crazy. Clicking here should take you to a viewable version if you’re having issues.]

[Update 2: We got some tidbits of interesting information from Rockstar regarding the new trailer Hit the jump for details]

[Joe Burling & Kayka, you’re absolute ICONS for getting us this so quick]

“Looking for the Special Someone” Trailer

* All footage is captured in real-time on a next generation gaming

* Running on Rockstar’s proprietary next generation game engine,
R.A.G.E., allowing for an   unprecedented level of realism and

* Game is using euphoria, a fully procedural animation package created
by NaturalMotion

* Song is by New York City based band The Boggs and is titled “Arm In
Arm (Shy Child Remix)”

Jim Sterling