New Fragile trailer is beautiful

Late last year, we were drawn in by the announcement and accompanying images of a new Namco Bandai Wii RPG called Fragile ~ Sayonara Tsuki no Haikyo. We were even more impressed when a teaser trailer dropped this year, but this new promotional video seals the deal: we want this game.

The Japanese Fragile Web page has added the new promo video you see above. This is a Wii game? Wow. The colors in the twilight sky, shadows, and lighting are all very impressive. And that music? Amazing. The scene where birds fly by while the protagonist is walking totally wins me over.  

We can’t wait to see more of this “ruin exploration” RPG. Hopefully TGS will bring about new information next month. For now, check out the official Web page, which also features some new details and images on the game play system (fourth tab from the left). 

What do you think of this so far? Does this look like something you’d play?

Dale North