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It’s been a good weekend for RPGs: Blue Dragon is getting a localized demo, Crisis Core is looking nice, and tri-Crescendo has released two new Trusty Bell Eternal Sonata clips.

The first clip is a teaser, setting the scene for the Eternal Sonata storyline. It showcases some landscape textures and the general art direction the game is going in. While the graphics may be underwhelming to some, you can see that they take full advantage of the cell-shading and tie in well with the theme of Sonata. In case you didn’t know, the game is about Chopin’s dying fever dreams — you didn’t expect it to be realistic, did you?

The video above starts off slow, but picks up at the end. I wonder why the cute girl with the parasol is such a pariah?

Make the jump for a battle clip and more top o’ the line commentary. 


This clip shows Polka (a.k.a. ParasolGirl) duking it out with some DragonQuest-style slime thing, called a Golby. The battle system looks fairly fluid and based on some sort of timing system. Notice that Polka’s weapon is called 209_UnitedStates. Gotta get me one of those. 

For all you jRPG fans out there, it looks like the time is ripe for an XBox 360 purchase — Eternal Sonata looks promising, as do Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. Hopefully, Too Human won’t suck either. 

[Via Kotaku]

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