New Dragon Age: Origins assets arrive, combat a focus

Blood and big monsters are two very important components of Dragon Age: Origins. The demonstration for the game at E3 2009 showcased both. We watched a group of muscle-bound protagonists slay a wicked huge dragon. Every time a melee weapon connected with its hide, a copious spray of blood jetted from the wound, covering the attacker and the victim. Pretty hip stuff.

We believe you’ll get a pretty good idea of what we’re talking about here if you venture into the gallery and beyond the fold. BioWare just tossed out a bunch of assets featuring a few (imagine this) big monsters and plenty of gore. If you haven’t been scouring the ‘net for Dragon Age: Origins videos like a good little boy or girl, this might be your first look at the game’s combat. Definitely worth a viewing if you’re curious.

As for the monsters, what you’re seeing an Ogre (pictured above), a sloth, and in the last video, a “Wynne.” We’re not exactly sure what a “Wynne” is, but we can confirm it’s not a bear or a helicopter as we were led to believe.



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