New Doom game could inspire movie sequel

In case you missed it, id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead announced that a new Doom game is in the works. But the Doom party doesn’t stop there apparently. In an interview with Kotaku, Hollenshead seemed to think that the upcoming Doom title will create enough “buzz” to warrant a Hollywood sequel.

We’ll see what happens when we get further along in development of the game and [when] there’s more buzz and we share more about what the game will be about. As the buzz meter starts to go up, that may kind of kick start the guys over at Universal.

I’m glad Mr. Hollenshead is as hopeful as I am about a Doom movie sequel. The first film was epic, amazing, and fascinating. Very rarely does one witness the beautiful weaving of various plot arcs, nor the ease in which the writers of the movie navigated hot-button social issues. Oh, and the chainsaw! Has there ever been a better symbol of male-to-beast aggression and dominance?

[Thanks, Adam!]

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