New Donkey Kong world record set by …

Yes, you are all well aware of the Donkey Kong “rivalry” between Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe. If for whatever reason you’re not, go watch The King of Kong and come back right fast. We’ll wait.

Okay, you done? Pretty fun, entertaining movie, no? I’m glad you liked it, but really, none of that matters right now — neither Mitchell nor Wiebe set the new high score. Nope, it was actually newcomer Hank Chien of New York. He scored 1,061,700 points in 2 hours, 35 minutes; the previous high score was 1,050,200.

Twin Galaxies has verified the score and yes, everything is on the level. When he’s not kicking ass and taking names in Donkey Kong, Chien can be found performing plastic surgery. I declare this man to be our newest officially unofficial badass of the week.

Salute Your New King Of Kong [Kotaku]

Jordan Devore
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