New dirt on Silent Hill 5

Thanks to links from Gay Gamer and, I was able to track down the scrumptiousness that is new details on the latest installment in the epic survival horror series. According to the full article in this month’s EGM, we have some of the treasured old and much of the new to look forward to.

According to the article, the protagonist is named Alex and is 22 years old. Here’s a blurb about his background:

Alex is in a Military Veteran’s hospital, recovering from a near fatal wound he received. (It is not specified how he received the wound). While there, Alex has a premonition that his young brother, Joshua, is in danger.

He leaves the VA for his New England home town of Shepards Glen. Upon returning however, he finds his mother in a catatonic state, his brother and father missing and the entire town shrouded in a bizarre fog.

Yeah! Now that sounds like the Silent Hill I know and love. The mere mention of catatonic characters just warms my heart. The key that I love most about this series is that although the settings may have similar themes in common, as the player we never really understand what the hell is going on. This key of not knowing seems to be the element that has allowed this series to go this far and continue to capture old fans and garner new ones.

Other features include the ability to interact with more in-game objects, new atmospheric filters that actually show cracks in the screen during play, and the worlds of light and dark Silent Hill will morph in real time (specifically inspired by Christophe Gans’ film interpretation). Why I get so ecstatic over these games I’ll never be able to truly explain, but to say the least I’ll be hanging on every detail until the title hits shelves. The sicker, the better — and more rape, please.

Colette Bennett