New Dark Sector screens, get them before they’re banned

While Dark Sector‘s trailers may be branded with the contraband filth stamp at the moment, and locked safely away in a crate next to the ark of the covenant, some new screenshots have just been snuck out out by some plucky young anarchists, no doubt eager to prove their worth by “sticking it to the man”.

Though as much as I lash the the ESRB with the casual malevolence of my forked journalist’s tongue, I have to admit they’ve done us a rather large favor here. Previously to this week, Digital Extremes’ glave-’em-up hadn’t really shown up too heavily on the collective gaming radar, but a swift crack with the banstick later, and suddenly the whole world is paying attention to just how cool this game looks. 

Hit the gallery for the new screens, and satiate your desire for the HD Krull simulator you’ve always wanted while you wait for the game’s release next year. They may not be quite the same as a trailer, but if you print them off and make a flick book, you can always pretend.


David Houghton