Nerdcore #6: Guns, guitars & girls oh my! [Update]


Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Nerdcore is back! It has been far too long since a true Nerdcore style post has been on Destructoid. For that, I am sorry. I come bearing gifts though! The gift of various half naked women! Needless to say, this is definitely *Not Safe For Work* (however censored!) material. Once you're done preparing your rituals, hit the jump for the best Nerdcore yet. 

[Update: Thanks to Dtoider Hexen525, it has come to my attention that the person who sent in the Guitar Hero pictures was a dirty, dirty liar. So, check out the updated pictures of Guitar Hero girl, Baily, uncensored ... as far as her eyes go anyway.]

Update: This lovely lady is known as Bailey. It turns out she wasn't some hot friend of a certain liar, but hey, she's still pretty damn hot! If you want to see more of her, you can find her at her website.  

I don't know about you, but this spread would have been better had the lovely lady pulled a Christine Aguilera.
This lovely dame is known as Bunnilicious. Aside from wearing controllers as bikinis, she's also a super hot model and actress. Check out her MySpace for more great pictures. Sorry to interrupt the vagina fest, but proper credit needs to go to Esca for having such hardcore fans.
This gorgeous lady is known as Leanne Bell and is another find on Esca's MySpace. Unfortunately, this picture of Leanne does not do her any justice. She is an absolutely, insanely hot lady. Check out the pictures of her holding the light guns in the gallery and her MySpace were among many things, makes wearing a gas mask super hot. Out of everyone that has been featured on Nerdcore, Leanne is by far my favorite.
This girl is more or less a joke for Nerdcore. Actually, it's probably better suited for a NextLust Nerdcore. The first day Destructoid took over Las Vegas and CES, we went into the Press area and ransacked the place. While going through all of the crap they had, Fronz noticed this advertising for a head set company. Yes, she's wearing a wig of Blue-Tooth headsets.
This little tart comes courtesy of The Last Boss. A couple of months back, they made a collection of various eBay auctions that were selling PS3s. Of course, in January, nobody was (still?) buying the systems. So what did the "clever" scalpers decide to do to try and pass off the systems? Force their girlfriends to get nakedish and stand next to the system. Did they sell the PS3s? Probably. Did their girlfriends lose their dignity? Definitely. Few of my favorites in the gallery below, or check out the 30 sets of boobies at The Last Boss.
This last set of pictures comes from another eBay auction. Not much too say about it other than the fact that the guy auctioning off the stuff got ripped off. The Wii, 5 games, free shipping and two girls only got him $315. Ouch. Thanks to Analog.Pidgin for this.

That does it for this edition of Nerdcore. Do you have a hot lady friend who would just love to be naked and doing something with video games? Then send us the pictures! Guys are welcome to do this too. Just don't send us anything hardcore porn style because a) we can't post it and b) seeing a couple of girls using Zapper guns on each other isn't really as hot as it sounds.

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