Need for Speed Autolog app crusing our way

We all know the real reason to play videogames these days and that’s so you can wave your arms around like a maniac compare your videogame skillz with your friends. The latest Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit knew this and that is why the developers put in the Autolog, a nifty little feature that lets you keep track off all your stats and compare them with all of your friends in an incredibly seamless manner.

But what if you’re out and about doing things and your friend is all, “Yo man, my stats be better than your stats when it comes to Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.” Right now all you can do is slap him upside the head for talking like that and then tap your foot impatiently and wait until you get home to prove him wrong, but according to the NfS:HP website you’ll soon be able to simply whip out an Autlog app on your iPhone and rub those stats and times in his face. If it turns out that your oddly speaking friend is ahead of you, the app will let you lay down a challenge that you can take up when you get home.

No release date for the app has been announced yet, and no word on it coming to any other platforms. If you don’t have an iPhone I guess your SOL.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Autolog iPhone app coming soon [Big Download]

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