Need a fix? New N+ trailer will scratch that itch

N+, the remake of Metanet Software’s Flash-based indie darling, was supposed to be out for the PSP, DS, and XBLA last month, but it’s already Christmas, and there has been absolutely no sign of any ninjas flip-floppin’, hip-hoppin’, or skip-stoppin’ across my dual screens. Did you guys know that meth addicts sometimes pick their scabs and eat them in order to get their fix? Who knew scabs could hold traces of Robitussin and Drain-O? I think that the liquid crack that Metanet injected straight into my spinal column must work similarly, because this open wound on my forearm is really starting to chafe.

Like a sweet salve, a new trailer has appeared courtesy of Atari, N+‘s publisher. It’s not quite the same as having that little guy prance and dance around my portable gaming systems, but I’d say it’s worth the sexual favors in that dirty truck stop off Exit 146. My metaphor is starting to stretch thin, so let that disgusting hyperbole serve as an expression of my excitement: In short, if you haven’t played N, you haven’t lived. Chase the dragon by downloading it from Metanet’s website, close the blinds, cancel your appointments and thank me later.

For the uninitiated, and in case the trailer doesn’t make it clear, here’s a quick breakdown of N: The player controls a tiny, pixelated ninja. Using all of the laws of gravity available to God, Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Evel Knievel, your goal is to open a door and go through it while avoiding lasers and bombs in the process. It may sound simplistic, but it’s the most fun to be had this side of a Taiwanese ladyboy.

Hit the jump for the lowdown on N+‘s online features and a Metanet-created real-life N+ video.

While N+‘s gameplay promises to be nothing short of fantastic (thanks to simple yet compelling game design and a robust physics engine), what really has me excited are the promises of new online features. A level editor, co-op and competitive multi-player, downloadable (user-generated?) content, and online leaderboards — could it be that an ambitious indie game is the first to take full advantage of the wireless capabilities of the DS and the PSP? Perhaps I’m reading too far into this, but the implications of a streamlined, efficient, un-tacked on and non-shoehorned online handheld experience are invigorating. I just hope Metanet/Atari can deliver on such sweet and sultry promises.

Anyway, here’s a video ostensibly created by Metanet to advertise N+‘s upcoming XBLA release. While the parkour isn’t particularly astonishing as far as death-defying feats of athleticism go, it’s still a clever and amusing piece with a killer soundtrack and great editing.

Whether or not the online component lives up to my lofty expectations, N+ will be a stellar game, and you will find new and degrading ways to sell your body for just one more level. But, the real question is this: Are you guys stoked about the crippling addiction you’re soon to face? And can Atari cash the multiplayer/online check that Metanet has written? Hit the comments.

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