NBA Jam creator leaves EA for Zynga

Money. At the end of the day, money is what counts. We all need more money, right? Zynga has lots of money. F*ckin’ lots of it. Man, Zynga, do you guys need a musician? I can write circles around the dip-sh*tty songs you have in your Facebook games. Call me.

Oh, right. Where was I? Yes, Zynga. They have a new hire named Mark Turmell. Turmell was the creator of the beloved big-headed b-ball game NBA Jam, as well as Smash TV and NFL Blitz. He’s kind of a badass. Gamasutra reports that he had been heading up EA’s Tiburon Studio, but now has jumped ship for Zynga. I wonder what he’s going to do there. Hell, I bet he doesn’t care what he’s doing there as long as he gets that paper.

Zynga is being skilled at roping in the EA big dogs. Remember that John Schappert, former chief operating officer at Electronic Arts, is now at the big Z.

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