Naughty Bear ‘Episode 9’ coming this month

Gamers craving more misadventures with a furry, murderous stuffed toy are in for a treat this month. “Episode 9,” new content for Naughty Bear, is coming this month.

The new episode will feature new characters, costumes, in-game challenges, as well as a new batch of Xbox 360 Achievements and PlayStation 3 trophies. This one looks to be a pirate-themed, with new characters Admiral Giggles and The Dead Pirate Bearbeard. This means swashbuckling, as well — the content will add a pirate’s cutlass with its own ultra-kill ability.

“Episode 9” will be available for download on your Xbox 360 for 400 MS Points, or your PlayStation 3 for $4.99. In Jim’s review for Naughty Bear, he called it “one of the biggest disappointments of the year” adding “no game about a psychopathic teddybear should be this boring.” We’ll see what he thinks once hears pirates are involved!

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