Native PlayStation Store may be coming to the PSP

Here’s something nice to dream about: Sony is looking into bringing the PlayStation Store to the PSP, eliminating the need to connect the PSP to a PC — instead, you’d just connect via the ‘net and download away. So instead of needing a PC nearby to watch your favorite anime, you now just need to search for the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot.

With their bigger push towards digital distribution and the greater possibility of a PSP HDD, the future seems clear for their next console. Media files for the PSP will be appropriately scaled down in size, so you’re not dealing with 400mb+ files when you want to watch an episode of Gunslinger Girl.

This makes downloading games slightly more appealing for me. I just never like to deal with the hassle of hooking up my PSP to the PC, and so the manga that I’ve had sitting on there has been there for seven months or so.

So, looking at all these PSP tidbits, here’s a question for you all: how would you redesign the PSP, and would you launch it as a revamp, or try to make it into the truly next generation of the handheld? 

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