N+ set for a US-only release; never mind, get your level in the game anyway

Atari has announced that the PSP and DS conversions of much-loved, ninja-based run-jump-pounce-flip-die-horribly simulator N will only be officially released in the USA, well known historical home of the ninjitsu brethren. No specifics have been mentioned for the recently announced Xbox Live Arcade version, but presumably that will be available further afield. 

Obviously this is inconvenient, but the news shouldn’t trouble international fans of the Flash game too much. After all, thanks to the hard work of our industrious young friends in the import industry, announcing a country-specific release of a handheld game is akin to announcing that the international version will be out three days later with a ten percent price hike.

In addition to the above we’ve also recieved a press release from Atari, telling us about a competition that’s now open offering players a chance to have their own custom designed levels included in the final game. Running until June 18th at Metanet, N‘s original home, the contest aims to keep the game’s spirit of fan contribution alive by providing design tools for all three formats and inviting up to five entries per person. While the competition obviously can’t replace the wealth of levels provided for the original game by the fan community, it’s a nice nod to the game’s origins, and presumably one thoroughly applauded by the developers as they enjoy their extended lunch breaks. 

While the competition site is slightly vague about the prizes, it seems chosen entrants will get their levels built for one of the upcoming console versions, as well an in-game credit and a copy of whichever version of the game their level makes it into. So hop to it, and let’s see a non-US resident win so Atari have to send a copy of the game overseas. Fight the power! 

[Release info via Eurogamer]

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