Mytran Wars screens show large robots and aliens

Today Deep Silver released a bunch of screenshots for their upcoming PlayStation Portable title Mytran Wars. It appears to be a cute little turn-based strategy title. I haven’t had the pleasure of checking it out before now, but I’m sure it’s great since it has my three favorite things in the world (that aren’t drugs): mechs, aliens and Coldstone Creamery’s Sans Fat ice cream.

The game is based in the 23rd century where great scientists have figured out a way to build large, bipedal machines that men can drive. One small snafu, though. Earth has run out of natural resources and the corporations aren’t happy about it. Instead of grabbing the guys that invented the mechs to invent alternate fuel, the corporations start raiding space rocks and planets for precious minerals. One planet’s alien inhabitants aren’t particularly happy about this approach and decide to fight back.

Mytran Wars will feature two different campaigns (Earth and the pissed off aliens) that DeepSilver is promising will last between 30 to 40 hours. It also has 3D graphics, which is apparently still boast-worthy.

Brad BradNicholson