Mysterious Wii adventure game from France

NeoGAF spotted this Wii game that a French developer is working on. After seeing little of Sadness over the past year, I wouldn’t bet that this game gets released any time soon, if ever, but these screenshots have me hoping. The best way I can sum up this game’s visuals is Guillermo del Toro pouring bleach on Ico‘s Yorda, and throwing her in an all new maze of despair. Which sounds way more fun than half the Wii games that have been released so far.

Capucine is an adventure game where everything is dead except you and your capucine flower. As you explore further in the game you must spread light and water to reanimate your surroundings. Things get interesting though, when spreading light also creates shadowy enemies in the environments. Challenged with the goal of creating life rather than destroying it, you’re also the one who creates your own opposition. As you try to solve puzzles and bring life back to the mysterious land, the shadows try to steal your flower and rob you of the chance to revive the entire world.

Check out  the pictures below for a better idea of how the adventure game works.

Tom Fronczak