Myst film seems to be moving forward

Deadline is reporting that the classic first-person adventure game Myst  has taken a big step forward towards being a real thing which is real. Mysteria Film Group, who has been pursuing a live-action interpretation of the game since 2004, have partnered with producers Hunt Lowry (Donnie Darko) and Mark Johnson (Breaking Bad). The plot of the screenplay, which is reportedly near completion, will draw from both the games and novels from the popular franchise.

There are certainly worse games that could be made into films. Myst has a fairly complex story and a bit of non-linearity to its telling which could pose challenge to the production team. At least the interactivity is limited enough that you could conceivably produce a good film without infringing too much on player dominion. Not that they’ll do that necessarily, but the potential is there.

Regardless, if the final product ever materializes, Myst fans worldwide will be outraged and take to the internet. Hell, they’ll probably start right now. And I’ll probably go see it in much the same way as I’m compelled to follow flashing police lights.

Computer Game ‘MYST’ Gains Movie Steam [Deadline]

Conrad Zimmerman