Myst DS is coming Fall 2007

Every time I see a screen from a MYST game (especially the first), I get a little tingle of nostalgia and want to boot it up and play it all again from the very beginning. The series made a big impact on me as a gamer, being the first to really nail that style of completely immersive enviroment and spawning countless imitations afterwards. I got the tingle times ten as I read this article with Manny Granillo, executive producer for MYST DS. I can’t imagine wanting to replay the classic title more, and on my favorite little portable too!

MYST DS will engage the touch screen, likely allowing players to do things they might have wished for back in the day. Granillo gives a bit more info on the subject:

We are adding several elements that will support the player as they journey through MYST. Features such as Map generation and Note Pad are but a couple of the unique tools available to the MYST adventurer on the DS.

Neat. I’m interested to see how use of the touch screen may enhance the game, as it’s really done a lot for other DS titles. Sadly, there are no plans at the moment to adapt Riven to DS, but perhaps if this title does well fans of the series may see other installments. Some of us simply refuse to accept that the adventure genre is dead, and as one of those hopefuls, I would like to see this release fuel that fire and perhaps draw even more innovative titles to the DS. I know, I should go back to my fanciful world of wishes, unicorns and twirling pixies.

[Thanks to Blindside Dork for the tip!]

Colette Bennett