My feet hurt: New York Comic Con 2007

Who knew it would be so difficult to get people to hold a sign than says “Also cocks” on it?

I’m finally home, after a long day spent on my feet, fighting my way through crowds of sweaty geeks at the second annual New York Comic Con. This year’s convention was significantly larger in size and broader in scope than last year’s; for three days, the Jacob Javits Center was turned into every geek’s wet dream: artists; writers; vendors; toys; games — you name it — if it was detrimental to getting laid in high school, it was on display at the New York Comic Con.

Check in tomorrow when I detail my hands-on time with Starbreeze’s The Darkness (Xbox 360), Kororinpa: Marble Madness (Wii), Godzilla: Unleashed (Wii) and more.

But now, it’s time for me to go to sleep. Because stepping up to Singstar Pop and singing a Britney Spears song in front of a crowd of people takes a lot out of a man. Like, you know, his masculinity.

Nick Chester