Mushroom Kingdom Fusion features Quickman Sonic and multiple other mega mash-ups

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is a project that my alter-ego Tron Knotts was lucky enough to get involved with some months ago, with his creation of the Spartan Mario power-up. Since that time, the project has grown to become a simply enormous fan-game, bigger than many full-priced retail titles. It includes Mega Man-based power-ups for each of its currently playable characters: Mario becomes Mega Mario, Luigi becomes Proto Luigi, Sonic becomes Quickman Sonic, and Tails becomes Gyroman Tails. Those of you who grew up in the post-Saturn/N64/PS1 era may not understand how monumental this is, but for those of us slightly more long in the tooth, a crossover of this caliber is a videogame dream come true.
If you’ve got time to kill this weekend, the latest beta of the game is totally free and ready to be downloaded. Better yet, the team responsible for Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is always looking for quality submissions. Their website is right here.
Why not join up now?
Jonathan Holmes
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