MTV continues to beef up video game presence; Real World: Destructoid anybody?

MTV sees the chum and seems determined to attack the gaming market with full force. Considering what a hot piece of ass it is (18-35 males is like porn to an advertiser), MTV is trying to do all it can right now to be on the “cutting edge” of today’s culture. The latest move for the network is pimping out Geoff Keighley’s Game Head and expanding its coverage. Here’s how Next Gen put it:

Two MTV Networks gaming properties, Spike TV and GameTrailers, are joining forces to enhance the popular interactive entertainment TV show Game Head. The move further signifies MTV’s increasing focus on gaming, and exhibits how the company is leveraging its TV strengths and recently acquired online videogame presence.

The new Game Head will debut on Friday, February 23 and will feature new segments “On Location” and “GameTrailers Download.” “On Location” will have Game Head host Geoff Keighley (pictured) reporting on-site at various points of industry interest, while “GameTrailers Download” will show off the latest content at the GameTrailers website. GameTrailer hosts Amanda McKay and Daniel Kayser will both join Keighley on the new Game Head.

All we want to know is, when is MTV going to go ahead and make The Real World: Destructoid? I got dibs on being the out-of-control drunk dude who gets groupies and maybe a few STDs. 

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