MS will ‘break the bank’ at E3, rather than just break consoles

Microsoft Game Studios chief Phil Spencer is very excited about E3, so much so that he claims he may “break the bank” by talking about a selection of titles that are about half a year away from release.

“I came out of an E3 planning meeting just about an hour ago and we were looking at some of the plans for the future and things that we might want to tease,” beams Spencer. “[It’s] very exciting, because there’s a lot of stuff on the docket and maybe we’ll break the bank a little bit and talk about things that are further out, which will hopefully get the community excited.”

Microsoft’s 2009 plate looks a little empty, and has led some to speculate in the past that the company has all but given up on this generation. Spencer seems confident that there are quite a few surprises in store, however, and claims there is “some pressure” to spoil them all ahead of time.

Once Christmas is over and done with, eyes will inevitably turn towards E3, where Microsoft will have to top this year’s shock announcement of Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360. Why do I get the feeling that all they’ll have is LIPS 2?

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