MS: Project Natal to feel like ‘a new generation’ in 2010

Microsoft isn’t afraid of hyping the everliving crap out of its sure-to-be-disappointing “wave your arms like a stupid dick” toy. The company is continuing to make Natal sound like the launch of a brand new system, and Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer has added to the circus, as Natal heads for a 2010 launch. Not that it is in danger of being overblown or anything.

“When Natal comes out it will feel like a new generation has arrived,” he boasts. “”I see it as like the launch of the Xbox 360 back in 2005 – there will be a launch portfolio of games to support it.”

It’s clear that Microsoft is going to make Natal look and sound like the birth of a God, whether the actual hardware works as advertised or not. Personally, I’m going to be holding out in a storm bunker and waiting for this childish “let’s copy the Wii and pray we make the same amount of money that they do” fad is all over. Any more of this motion control garbage and I may need a bag to be sick into.

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