Mr. Destructoid in Final Fantasy IV DS

[Editor’s note: Mr. Destructoid has invaded Final Fantasy IV! Mr. Destructoid is also very naked. Awesome job, Beanopolis! — CTZ]

A nice new feature in Final Fantasy IV is the customization of a small summon creature named Whyt. I was having much trouble deciding how I should draw his face. So I decided to go with everybody’s best friend, Mr. Destructoid.

He wasn’t too difficult to create but he looks oh so lovable! Feel free to use your own style and comment on any improvements you can think I can add to my own. Hopefully as I get through the game, I’ll be able to add a nice suit to his ensemble. Enjoy!

Hit the jump for a couple of more screens or just jump straight to the gallery. 

Here’s a close up of the face grid so you can copy his face onto your game.

How about a nice action shot of Mr. Destructoid casting cure!

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