MotorStorm Pacific Rift getting an ‘update,’ but we call it a ‘patch’

It looks like an update for Sony’s PlayStation 3 racer, MotroStorm Pacific Rift is on its way. Actually, scratch that. When I think “update,” I think significant game additions — new tracks, new cars … something. Perhaps Criterion’s ruined me forever with their Burnout Paradise updates

This “update” is really more of what we’d call a patch, in that it fixes what amounts to a bunch of “broken” crap in Pacific Rift. Like the way the game handles data has been changed, so that it will prevent “Saved Data corruption.” Or how a boost glitch has been removed. And Time Attack times and Rank information that didn’t display correctly will now, you know, display correctly. 

Yup, definitely a patch. But regardless of what you call it, it’s good to see that Evolution Studios — the folks behind Pacific Rift — are addressing game issues rather than ignoring them. Us gamers, we’re big fans of things that work.

The full list of “updates” can be found over at the PlayStation Blog. If you stopped playing Pacific Rift, do you see any fixes that’ll make you pick up the controller again? 

Nick Chester