‘Most robust online mode ever’ set for Mortal Kombat

Online modes in fighting games have come a long way, but Midway never really went very far with its Mortal Kombat franchise. It was mostly “hop in a fight, hop into the next fight, repeat.”

Now that the studio behind the fighter has re-branded itself NetherRealm Studios, it’s ready to branch out. Speaking with Gaming Union in the shortest interview the world has ever seen (seriously, it’s two questions), the game’s lead designer John Edwards is making some big promises, but giving few details.

“We have a really robust online system,” he says. “I can’t go into too many details but it’s going to be pretty much the most robust online fighting system ever imagined.”

We’d previously confirmed that NetherRealm has big plans for downloadable content, including characters, fatalities, and more. We’ll find out early next year if they can pull it off.

E3 2010: Q&A With Mortal Kombat Lead Designer [Gaming Union]

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