Most kids too smart to be ‘violent’

A recent study done by some Australians in Australia has determined that most children who play video games will be “unaffected” by their influence (meaning that they will manifest their urges in socially acceptable ways, like BDSM, joining the Military, and doing MMA). Only a small percentage of idiots too stupid to figure out how to be violent and get away with it are likely to cause problems.

This problem would be solved entirely if the initial stage of all video games was designed by those insipid puzzle game makers, thus weeding out the children who were unlikely to realize that shooting people in broad daylight is a negative way to express their violent urges, rather than perhaps lurking and beating up hobos in dark back alleys, or even take up boxing and beating the crap out of underprivileged Mexican guys who are just trying to make it, man.

Of course, this whole article was prefixed by the fact that this study was done by Australians, so they probably just interviewed sheep babies, which isn’t the same thing as human children at all.

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