More Valve on your Xbox Live Arcade?

As revealed at E3, Valve is planning to show Xbox Live Arcade some love with Portal: Still Alive. According to the company’s Doug Lombardi, however, this could pave the way for even more Valve on your XBLA.

“It’s designed to give Xbox 360 gamers the chance to get Portal, for those who didn’t want to go through the Orange Box. It’s Portal, the game we all played and loved last year, plus 10-20 new challenges that you’ll unlock,” explained Lombardi. These extra challenges will be a timed exclusive, which Microsoft will be able to snorgle for the rest of 2008. 

Lombardi was asked whether we could see more Vavle on XBLA in the future and had this to say: “We’ll certainly consider it. If you look at what we’ve done on Steam, we try to make all our games available and we’re always reviewing the prices to keep them current. We’d love to do that, but Portal: Still Alive is our first step at doing that beyond the PC.”

Could we see Counter-Strike on XBLA? Will it be a viable way to bring Episode Three to consoles? All these questions and more … may or may not be answered. One day. Maybe.

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