More proof games are evil! Parents game while their kids wander

Videogames don’t just corrupt the average high school teen — you can blame them for all kinds of things, including the death of Adolf Hitler and the reason you keep having that unexplainable bleeding. In this most recent travesty, a pair of clearly suitable parents allowed their two young children to wander unsupervised throughout the Tampa motel they were in for several hours.

When the children were discovered outside their room, the police checked inside and found piles of trash and vomit in the room, but the parents were not there. The police took custody of the children, and when the parents were found four hours later, they told several conflicting stories about where they had been, finally explaining that they went to a friend’s house to play video games because they were “bored.” 

It’s obvious that the motel conditions, neglect of the children and parental behavior can all be blamed on video games. Rather than obtaining a quote about the fact that parents were living with the children in a motel room with vomit on the floor, the quote published from the husband was “When you play video games, you get focused on that.” The parents are in Orient Road Jail, with no bail currently set. 

Definitely no slanted opnions here, folks. None at all.

[Via Northeast News and Tribune – Thanks, Jonathan]

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