More pixel art paintings for sale

CTZ loves art, Colette loves art, we all love art. I’m up for all sorts of gaming art, but the one type that is still prevalent after all these years is the plain and painstakingly simple pixel art. Almost a year ago I interviewed the 8-bit artist who brought Myspace to life with retro gaming appreciation, and now I’ve got a few more masterpieces you guys might be interested in buying.

The girl who came in third on my top ten gamer tattoos list is creating pixel art paintings in a variety of sizes, and she’s looking for new projects to work on. Instead of making dozens of paintings and waiting for them to sell, she’d rather just have people send in screenshots of what they want made. Her pricing is pretty cheap compared to most 8-bit artists, the paintings range from $40 to $150 depending on how colorful your idea is, and how massive you want your canvas to be.

The pictures below give a taste of what she’s already accomplished or currently working on, and the Kirby and Duck Hunt paintings are still up for sale. For more details and images, you can check out her other work here.

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