More new Culdcept DS screens; also, NERDS

Let me tell you something about nerds — they enjoy things that your average person would consider so devastatingly boring that they can’t even understand why we do it. Case in point: once a week, I play Culdcept Saga for Xbox 360 with the guys in the picture above (better known as Conrad Zimmerman, Dale North and Hitorogoshi from Dtoid). And yes, we call ourselves Team Culdcept and play cards like Hypnosloth and Giant Rat. You can avoid us on the street now if you like.

At any rate, all four of the people in the picture above are quite excited about the upcoming release of Culdcept DS, a game that will only further mark us as paraiahs in the eyes of other human beings when we whip it out and get our four way on in public. According to, the DS version is being released to celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary. While we wait for a US release, check out the new screens in the gallery and tell me if you want this game as bad as I do.

[Thanks, Adam]

Colette Bennett