More Killzone 2 pre-order fun: Free demo from GameStop

If you’re really into Killzone 2 and want to reserve your copy of the glowy-eyed PS3 exclusive, you now have a choice. Either order it on Amazon for some themed Home clothes, or get it from GameStop to access the game demo.

Plonking down $5 to reserve in-store gets you a special demo card, while those ordering online will get emailed an access code sometime around February 3. So far, this seems the only way to try out Killzone 2 before its February 27 release date. 

The game looks amazing. Ridiculously amazing. I have been skeptical of a game sold almost entirely on looks, but reports are claiming that the gameplay, at least from the multiplayer beta, is actually damn good. I truly hope so, because I want this franchise to finally earn the ridiculous hype it’s garnered over the years. 

Fingers crossed, this will give the PS3 an excellent shooter with hot multiplayer, and won’t be just more mediocre eye candy.

Jim Sterling