More free Mass Effect 2 stuff for Cerberus Network users!

Perhaps the exclamation point is overkill — the latest free add-on for Mass Effect 2 is simply a new heavy weapon. Nothing more, nothing less. The Arc Projector, as BioWare has so lovingly named it, can now be downloaded for anyone with access to the Cerberus Network storefront.

On the other hand, the gun sounds rather fun to use. You point it at things you want to electrocute to death, and splash damage plays a big role in its effectiveness. There’s a nice picture on BioWare’s site that shows the Arc Projector shocking some poor Husks in the most glorious of fashions.

Yeah, I get that you mostly just want the “Firewalker” DLC to come out already. So do we.

[Thanks, Steve]

Jordan Devore
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