Morbin’ Time: Morbius joins the party in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

midnight suns morbius the hunger dlc

Are you feeling The Hunger?

2K Games has released the third DLC pack for its great strategy adventure Marvel’s Midnight Suns — “The Hunger“, now available on all platforms, sees the arrival of the sinister and conflicted nightwalker, Morbius the Living Vampire.

A masterful scientist of shifting morals, Morbius has been pushed to team with the Midnight Suns following a vampire breakout in New York City. In a related incident, Hydra has begun infusing its soldiers with undead DNA in an effort to create a form of unkillable soldier, Morbius is hoping to reverse-engineer this formula in order to further develop a cure for his own medicinal misgivings, while further preventing Hydra from dabbling in the undead arts.

The Hunger DLC adds Morbius as a recruitable hero, as well as new story missions, complete with their own bespoke enemies. A new “Laboratory” upgrade will be added to the Abbey, along with a fistful of Hero Skins, Abbey Outfits, and Swimsuits. Morbius himself sports 11 brand new Hero abilities, mostly focused around causing “Bleed” status on his enemies, (naturally). Morbius focuses on single-hit damage, and can also activate “Bloodlust”, which applies the Bleed effect to all of his other skills.

While seemingly strange bedfellows, teaming Morbius with Blade will result in an assault pattern absolutely teeming with the red stuff — With Blade able to cause Bleed with his various chain attacks, before Morbius follows up with powerful, single-hit impacts to put their hapless enemies back in the dirt.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available now on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X.

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