Monthly Musings: The Forgotten

Every month, the Destructoid Monthly Musing topic gives community members the ability to have their work posted on the Dtoid front page.

Our “Games Time Forgot” series strove to highlight old and unappreciated games, but you’ll be seeing a lot less of it in the future. I’d always envisioned it as a collaborative series, where editors from various backgrounds would bring attention to games the rest of us had never heard of. And that’s what this month’s topic is about.

What forgotten, underrated, underappreciated, or just plain weird games do you think the rest of the community deserves to hear about? Why were these games forgotten, and what did they do that makes them worth remembering, in your eyes? What games would you like to forget? You have, as always, some wiggle room within the theme.

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Choose the “Monthly Theme” tag for your cblog, and put “The Forgotten: blah blah blah” in the title.

Pretty self-explanatory, beyond that. You’ve presumably played games that none of us have ever heard of, whether we’re talking modern indie fare or older NES games. Pick a game, or an entire movement/genre/series/whatever, and discuss it at length. Or, alternately, talk about mechanics or ideas that tend to make games easily forgotten, or games/mechanics/whatever that you feel should be forgotten.

Anthony Burch