Monthly Musing: Happy Holidays

I apologize for the hiatus we had with the last couple months. The switch to New Destructoid and subsequent switch back caused some issues with blog promotion, but it’s all been sorted, and everything is back to normal!

A lot of our past musings have focused on negativity — bias in games, things you hate, games that scare you, etc. I’m sick of that. It’s the holiday season now, so for the end of the year, let’s do something positive.

Your assignment for this month is to write about something in gaming or gaming culture that makes you unreasonably and completely happy. No criticism, no complaints; just tell me about the pure, unbridled joy you get from something relating to gaming.

To participate, just click “Post A Blog” up there in the upper right of the screen, title your post “Happy Holidays: WhateverYourTitleIs”, make sure you pick the “Monthly Musing” from the tag list (this is important!), write it up, and set it live. If your article is particularly well-written or sparks interesting discussion, we’ll stick it up on the front page. Don’t forget to read the the guidelines. A good blog will get promoted regardless, but following all these rules will really help me out, and help get your blogs to the front page faster.