Capcom gives us a glimpse of the major Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak August title update

Sunbreak August title update

It’s one of several free updates planned for Sunbreak

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak August title update is coming up really cool, and Capcom has given us a quick preview of what to expect on Twitter. Here’s the rundown:

“For the first Title Update, we’re adding new content regarding Anomaly Research. In relation to that, here’s a sneak peek at Qurious Crafting, which allows for armor upgrades. The upgrades utilize new materials that will be added with the update. Please look forward to more news!”

In short, you’ll be using reagents from the update to augment your armor. The details are still coming, but some of the community surmises that different materials will provide different stats. Either way, more armor customization is generally a good thing, and will likely lead to crazier builds and faster clear times for speedrunners. Anomaly quest grinding is already popular for a lot of players, so this could add even more replay value: on top of the new monsters and extra content coming.

As a reminder, Capcom has provided a glimpse into what’s next for the game via an official roadmap. You can find a recap of what’s coming in the August update below.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title Update 1 (August)

  • Seething Bazelgeuse
  • Lucent Nargacuga (and “several other monsters”)
  • New locale: Forlorn area
  • Rare species monsters
  • Special species monsters
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