Monster Hunter prints money for Capcom

I’m never one to show my bias and stain news posts with personal feelings, but Capcom’s simply wonderful, isn’t it? Great to hear then, that the company’s doing so well, as sales of Monster Hunter Freedom 2G have “skyrocketed” in Japan, helping the publisher of Resident Evil and Street Fighter to net in an operating income of JPY 2.97 billion (USD 27.4m) and a net income of JPY 4.04 billion (USD 37.3m). These are rises of 43.5% and 60.1% respectively.

Capcom’s PSP monster hunting game has sold 2.4 million copies, because Japanese gamers will buy anything that involves the monsters and the gathering of things. This is due to the fact that they are genetically similar to magpies. Capcom also expects to shift 2.3 million copies of Resident Evil 5, 1.7 million copies of Street Fighter IV, 1.5 million copies of Bionic Commando and half a million copies of Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

Great news for Capcom, probably the most consistent third party out there in terms of quality. May they continues to be financially rewarded for being so.

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