Monster Hunter Frontier could leave Japan

Monster Hunter Frontier has been confirmed for the Xbox 360, and you know what that means — it might be due a Western release. Monster Hunter games have never been huge sellers outside of Japan, but that’s mostly because they end up on platforms without a robust Western online presence. The 360 release could change that, however.

“I feel Monster Hunter can definitely succeed overseas,” says R&D head Keiji Inafune. “There’s a high possibility that MHF will kickstart that.”

Monster Hunter Frontier was chosen for Xbox 360 because of the strength of Xbox Live, and much of that strength is in the West. Considering Capcom has tried the PSP iteration of Monster Hunter in North America and Europe, I’d say that’s a very good chance of us getting a taste of this game before too long.

Inafune Hints at Overseas Release for Monster Hunter Frontier [Andria Sang]

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